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Helder water

About Tourrific Curacao

Bon dia, at Tourrific Curacao, the place for jet ski and underwater scooter tours in Curaçao! Explore the beautiful waters of our island and let us take you on an adventurous journey along the coastline. Whether you are young or old, with friends or family, with us you will find the perfect activity for an unforgettable experience during your holiday on Curaçao. Ready for excitement and discovery? Get on board and experience it yourself at Tourrific Curacao!

Best Jet Ski Tour of Curacao. You sail all the way along the beautiful west coast and visit the blue room and turtle beach. And the tour guide is very pleasant and really knows what he is doing. Recommended!
Fantastic experience ! Well organized from A to Z. Went along beautiful beaches such as Knip and Playa Grandi. I highly recommend Tourrific Curacao.
Great experience with beautiful photos by the guide. Highly recommended. 2 hour tour was great! Contact via app was perfect and I will definitely come back here.
Top guests, beautiful locations.
Received many photos and videos, very happy with them, definitely recommended!!
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